Specialized Dolly System

Protecting Your Collector And Luxury Vehicles

Specialized Dolly Transport LoadingAre you a collector who loves classic or vintage cars, but often needs towing services? These automobiles can be especially tricky to deal with, due to the fragile nature that sometimes comes with the age of a vehicle. Maybe you're a luxury vehicle owner who wants to make sure you have a towing company who knows exactly how to safely tow your high-end ride. 

At Seven1nine Towing and Recovery, we understand the importance of taking great care with these types of automobiles. That's why we have a brand new, state of the art dolly system on our truck for these exact situations. 

Our New, Specialized Dolly System

With our new dolly, Seven1nine Towing and Recovery is able to load your classic car, collector vehicle or hot rod onto our truck without making contact with the body of the vehicle itself. Our trained professionals are able to load up your car, without even touching it. 

The independent dolly system hooks up to each wheel individually, making the process of loading your fragile and priceless vintage automobile, seamless. 

Luxury Vehicle Loading

With newer models of luxury vehicles, the towing process can become more complicated. This is another reason why Seven1nine Towing and Recovery is proud to have a system in place to assist those with luxury vehicles. With car trouble, some makes and models of luxury cars' have wheels that will lock up. When this happens, the standard process of towing becomes almost impossible. With our dolly, towing vehicles with locked wheels is no problem at all. 

Not only are we able to load your vehicle onto our truck with locked wheels, our dolly won't make any contact with the body of your vehicle. So you can relax, knowing the professionals with the best equipment are taking care of your luxury car. 

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